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DeAnna LorraineMs. DeAnna Lorraine is an internationally-acclaimed Dating & Relationship Coach and is recognized as one of the leading and most trusted female Dating Coach for men in the world. Nicknamed “Ms. Hitch,” she specializes in coaching single men who have been chronically unlucky in love and unsuccessful with women – and ready to flip the script on it!

Ms. Hitch is responsible for transforming hundreds of men from inexperienced, unpopular, shy, socially awkward, single guys to confident, desirable ‘Casanovas’ who readily attract women.

Her revolutionary coaching method for helping men to powerfully attract, date, and succeed with women has produced spectacular results in the love lives of men young and old, and have led to hundreds of new relationships and marriages with women that they had previously only dreamed about getting. Ms. Lorraine is based out of sunny Los Angeles, California but about 50% of the clients she works with are located in different parts of the world, from the East Coast to Dubai, to Australia, and everywhere in-between.

Hi there Stud! I’m glad that fate led you to my site to meet me. So I have a problem… There’s a serious epidemic today of really awesome, nice, intelligent, great guys who would make just great lovers, boyfriends and husbands… But they remain perpetually single and totally overlooked by women! They are not able to attract the women and enjoy the amazing, passionate relationships that they deserve… And I am NOT okay with that. I see too many great guys, many of them very successful CEOs or brilliant Engineers who have a lot to offer, but they’re walking around every day depressed and frustrated because they are experiencing rejection with women and no success with dating. Nice guys who just weren’t born with the Brad Pitt looks or charisma are getting turned down by women and passed up for total jerks or guys who seem to have way less to genuinely offer than you do. And it’s so not fair, I get it. So I’ve made it my business and mission to save as many awesome nice guys as possible & change the course of their love lives, forever.

I believe it is our birthright to find love and every man deserves to experience the incredible highs of love and enjoy a life that’s filled with passion, sex, deep fulfillment, and delicious relationships. Every guy should get to experience the excitement of falling in love, or having a gorgeous woman in your arms who is kissing you and crazy about you… The experience of having a best friend, lover and partner in crime to share your life with, to celebrate your successes and triumphs with, travel with, and cheer you up when you have bad days. Life is just SO much better, more fun and more fulfilling when you have a partner to share it with. And no guy should have to resign to living a mediocre life alone just because he has certain challenges or barriers, like shyness, ‘nerdiness,’ social anxiety, inexperience, or just an unlucky deck of cards he was dealt with. That’s why I spend every day in my job making it possible for all men to have this – to be able to attract the women they want, to date successfully, and have the romantic relationships that they want.

WHO I Work With

Deanna LorraineI coach men through each of the different phases of the dating and relationship journey: From single to meeting and dating women, to getting you into a relationship all the way through marriage, if that’s your goal. So whether that’s getting the girl of your dreams, having a wildly abundant dating and love life, or finding your very special Ms. Right to spend the rest of your life with, I am relentless in helping you achieve what you’ve been wanting your whole life and I WON’T let you walk away without seeing dramatic results.

I have worked with about every different kind of man in the planet and have coached some of the most challenging, impossible cases over the last decade – including the former socially awkward super-shy World of Warcraft-ohalics – but there has never been a man that I couldn’t transform. I generally work with men who are smart, driven, and usually successful, who are typically between the ages of 25-55, and who may be really successful in their careers or other areas of their lives, but not very successful with dating and romantic relationships with women. The guys that hire me have a strong DESIRE to connect with women, to date, to have sex, and/or to be in a committed relationship or marriage, but they just do not know HOW to get there or what’s at the source of their ineffectiveness with women, and they’re ready to finally figure it out!

So just like a smart business man would seek out the assistance of a Business Coach to help them get to that next level of their business’s success or figure out what they need to do if they have reached a plateau on their own, I partner with guys to do the same: Diagnose what’s not working, and then I make the improvements and changes needed to get them to their goal of a successful love life. I empower my guys, build their confidence, inspire their greatness, help them come into their own as a powerful Man and lead them down an exciting transformational journey into their fullest potential for their life and love life.

WHY do I love working with Guys like you??

Well, I grew up as the only girl in the middle of four brothers and mostly male cousins and uncles, so growing up surrounded by guys had me develop a real comfort with them and an intimate understanding of how you crazy guys think and what your biggest challenges and issues are with women and dating. So from the time I was a young girl old enough to talk, I’ve been the resident ‘dating coach’ to all the guys I grew up around – coaching them on how to be the kind of man that girls want and how to get whatever girl they were after. I became very skilled in coaching men around their dating and relationship issues (and I have a blast doing it too!) so it was a natural step for me to make my career out of it and get a crapload of professional training and studying!

I have extensive training (over 10 years) & certifications in the following areas:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
  • ThetaHealing
  • Success Coaching
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Psychology, Communication, Relationship, Dating & Attraction 

Choose your Area of Focus or read about them in more details HERE————————

What makes DeAnna Different from all the rest?

Well if it isn’t evident already, DeAnna is not your “average” dating or life coach. She does not simply give you dating or relationship “tips” Deanna Lorrainethat you can find in a magazine or self-help book, but instead, works holistically, with your whole body and mind, and maximizes every part of your life – which may include losing weight, making more money, landing your dream job, or enhancing your social life.

She helps you to blast through your limiting beliefs, eliminate destructive or self-sabotaging patterns, and uncover blocks and negative programming that are holding you back so that you can become a truly confident, sexy, attractive and desirable person from the inside-out; the BEST person you can be. DeAnna is a master at unlocking & unleashing her clients’ true potential, leaving no stone unturned.

DeAnna also stands out as a Coach with her dynamic approaches and one-of-a-kind strategies for creating amazing transformations and what are often deemed “magical”, results with clients. She does lots of interactive, “in-the-field” training and experiments, packing her coaching with creative and unique assignments, including “coaching challenges” and “dating dares”. These assignments and feats enable her clients to stretch their comfort zone and grow tremendously, while maximizing the level of learning and skills development they receive with her. Another unique element that makes DeAnna stand out amongst all other coaches is the many cutting-edge tools and techniques she incorporates into her coaching practice, such as clinical Hypnosis (DeAnna is also a certified Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist) NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), and, EFT, and  Feng Shui Consulting.

DeAnna applies the most accurate, up-to-date, and successful dating, relationship, and attraction secrets and strategies on the market and is constantly researching and learning herself. Being professionally trained and certified in so many different areas, along with having such a wide breadth of skills and remedies in her Coaching ‘utility belt’, puts DeAnna way ahead of all other “experts” in the industry. She is able to transform her clients from the inside out, making them as attractive as possible where every area of their lives are thriving. She offers her clients an opportunity to experience a total life transformation.

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