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Jan. 20-21st, 2017 in Los Angeles!

That’s Right – In Just 30 Days of your life, including 2 intense nights of In-person Training with me in LA, You will Finally Become the Confident, Attractive and highly “Date-able” Man that can successfully Approach Women, Ask them out (and get YES’s!)… Smoothly Transition to Dates… Create massive Attraction & Interest… And Then Create incredible romantic Relationships with the ones you WANT.

And you don’t just get 1 weekend of Coaching – you get a FULL MONTH of Coaching & support from me, including a preliminary “Mock Date” with me over Skype, Online Dating Profile & Tinder makeover, Style & Image consultation, and a private 1-Hour Coaching session with me BEFORE the Jan. 20th weekend, and another 1-Hour Coaching session with me AFTER the weekend to solidify your transformation.

Here’s a snapshot of what the “30-Day Attraction Bootcamp” includes:
approaching bootcamp 16-5

Yep, this all-inclusive 30-Day Transformation including 2 full nights of In-person Coaching with me, DeAnna Lorraine, where we’ll go out on the town in LA to master your Approaching, Attraction, Flirting, Communication & Seduction skills, is the steal of a LIFETIME at only $1,997, if you book your spot by January 2nd to take advantage of our very generous Holiday Special so you can be a new and improved YOU for the New Year, 2017! 

And here’s just the highlights of the full 30-Day Agenda:



Registration for this Bootcamp officially closes on January 10th, or as soon as we hit our maximum of 10 guys which usually happens sooner. My next in-person Bootcamp won’t be until June 2017, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to receive a full 30-Day transformation + In-person Coaching from me at a rediculously discounted rate of the Holiday Special.

Give yourself the New Year’s gift of an incredible future and successful love life that you won’t have otherwise.



  • Remember If you can’t make the full payment upfront, you can register for the Bootcamp today with only a deposit of only $599 with the rest to be paid later!
  • But if you wait until after January 2nd to register, you’ll have to pay a higher price of $2,400
  • There is only 10 spots available for the Bootcamp and my next in-person Bootcamp won’t be until June 2016, so if your intuition led you here and you’re looking to have an incredible dating & love life in 2017, do NOT hesitate and waste this rare opportunity – Book your spot TODAY and start getting excited about your new future.
  • Choose your Bootcamp option below to book your spot. (*All the information for this 30-Day Bootcamp package is below on this page and most questions can be answered here, but if you still need to talk to me or one of my Assistants before booking your spot, fill out this form here and we’ll set up a time to talk with you).