Are you Ready to have an incredible LOVE life & Attract beautiful Women, easily?

Now you can stop dreaming about it & start LIVING this life after just 2 Days in our Breakthrough


Jan. 20-21st, 2017 in Los Angeles!

That’s Right – In Just 30 Days of your life, including 2 intense nights of In-person Training with me in LA, You will Finally Become the Confident, Attractive and highly “Date-able” Man that can successfully Approach Women, Ask them out (and get YES’s!)… Smoothly Transition to Dates… Create massive Attraction & Interest… And Then Create incredible romantic Relationships with the ones you WANT.

And you don’t just get 1 weekend of Coaching – you get a FULL MONTH of Coaching & support from me, including a preliminary “Mock Date” with me over Skype, Online Dating Profile & Tinder makeover, Style & Image consultation, and a private 1-Hour Coaching session with me BEFORE the Jan. 20th weekend, and another 1-Hour Coaching session with me AFTER the weekend to solidify your transformation.

Here’s a snapshot of what the “30-Day Attraction Bootcamp” includes:
approaching bootcamp 16-5

Yep, this all-inclusive 30-Day Transformation including 2 full nights of In-person Coaching with me, DeAnna Lorraine, where we’ll go out on the town in LA to master your Approaching, Attraction, Flirting, Communication & Seduction skills, is the steal of a LIFETIME at only $1,997, if you book your spot by January 2nd to take advantage of our very generous Holiday Special so you can be a new and improved YOU for the New Year, 2017! 

And here’s just the highlights of the full 30-Day Agenda:



Registration for this Bootcamp officially closes on January 10th, or as soon as we hit our maximum of 10 guys which usually happens sooner. My next in-person Bootcamp won’t be until June 2017, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to receive a full 30-Day transformation + In-person Coaching from me at a rediculously discounted rate of the Holiday Special.

Give yourself the New Year’s gift of an incredible future and successful love life that you won’t have otherwise.



  • Remember If you can’t make the full payment upfront, you can register for the Bootcamp today with only a deposit of only $599 with the rest to be paid later!
  • But if you wait until after January 2nd to register, you’ll have to pay a higher price of $2,400
  • There is only 10 spots available for the Bootcamp and my next in-person Bootcamp won’t be until June 2016, so if your intuition led you here and you’re looking to have an incredible dating & love life in 2017, do NOT hesitate and waste this rare opportunity – Book your spot TODAY and start getting excited about your new future.
  • Choose your Bootcamp option below to book your spot. (*All the information for this 30-Day Bootcamp package is below on this page and most questions can be answered here, but if you still need to talk to me or one of my Assistants before booking your spot, fill out this form here and we’ll set up a time to talk with you). 


Are you Ready to have an incredible LOVE life & Attract beautiful Women, easily?


Now you can stop dreaming about it & start LIVING this life after just 2 ½ Days in my Breakthrough




That’s Right – In Just 2 ½ Days of your life, You will develop into the Confident, Attractive and highly “Date-able” Man that can successfully Approach Women, Ask them out (and get YES’s!)… Smoothly Transition to Dates… Create massive Attraction & Interest… And Then Create incredible romantic Relationships with the ones you WANT.



  Is the weekend Bootcamp the right solution for you?


  • Do you know HOW to Attract WOMEN? I mean REALLY, powerfully and consistently Attract them?
  • Do you know how to attract QUALITY Women, who are beautiful, intelligent, interesting and highly desirable? And any quality women that you do meet, AREN’T Interested in YOU? So you end up settling a lot…
  • Do you find that even despite being smart, successful, or attractive, you still experience lots of rejection and failure, and you can’t seem to keep the women you want ATTRACTED to YOU for very long??
  • Do you keeping getting women who FLAKE on you, blow you off, don’t call you back, or suddenly lose interest and go MIA? Do you get a lot of 1st Dates – but barely any 2nd dates with the women you like?
  • Do you have a track record of getting dumped or cheated on by women… Or a history of pursuing a girl that you like only to have her give you the old “I think you’re a really nice guy, BUT…. I think we should just be FRIENDS” line and you’re constantly getting thrown in the pathetic Friend Zone?
  • Do you suffer from Shyness, Social Anxiety, Approach Anxiety or low self-confidence and it’s been really holding you back from dating and meeting women, preventing you from fully  putting yourself out their and connecting with them?
  • Is your lack of experience with women and relationships making you self-conscious and really preventing you from making real and LASTING relationships with women?
  • OR Do you think of yourself as an altogether pretty great catch of a Man – but you just haven’t been able to find and attract the amazing, QUALITY Women that are on “your level” – and you’re ready to find YOUR Dream Woman to share the rest of your life with??


If you answered YES to any of these questions, and you’re ready to STOP struggling and complaining about it and start DOING something about it then my Bootcamp is the answer to your prayers.

These problems and dating patterns of yours will NOT go away on their own… You will not just wake up one day and suddenly “grow out of” these issues that you have. In fact, if anything it gets harder and harder to overcome these obstacles every year that you get older because your habits get more fixed in place.


Love is NOT going to just “find” you one day, and it’s not going to come to your doorstep. You’re not going to just happen upon the one right woman for you

one day who will instantly fall in love with you exactly how you are without you doing any work or effort on your part. I’m sorry… but it’s the truth. You need to wake up to the reality of your situation.

I’m serious – If you do NOT want to be 60 years old and still single spending your Friday nights with just you and your cat, you need to take control of your life and your future NOW and make these changes.

And the underlying source for ALL of these common failures men have with women is a lack of proper KNOWLEDGE, Strategy, and Attraction Skills regarding what it really takes to successfully MEET, DATE and ATTRACT Women – especially attractive, high-quality women – AND WHAT it really takes to KEEP her attracted and create a long-lasting, incredible relationship.

If you’re like most guys, I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of articles and books on dating and attracting women, maybe attended some dating classes, gotten advice from friends or sisters, or just simply struggled to learn and figure it all out on your own…

But unfortunately, what 90% of men have learned about attracting and keeping a woman is plain WRONG! It’s inaccurate advice! (Because, if the information you accumulated throughout the years WERE right, then you’d be having your hot honey snuggled in your arms right now instead of searching for answers on how to get her!)

My unique method of helping men to powerfully attract, date, and succeed with women has been used by my male clients all over the world for the past 7 years producing spectacular results in their love lives, and have led to hundreds of new relationships, ‘rock star’ sex lives, and marriages with women that they had previously only dreamed about getting. And I’m talking every kind of guy including the former socially awkward super-shy World of Warcraft-ohalics.

And now this is your opportunity to learn my same proven ‘Casanova Code’ method and all the same coaching condensed into just 1 weekend that will literally change the course of your love life.

In just 2 ½ days of interactive and personal “hands-on” coaching in REAL environments in your life (including coffee shops, bars & lounges, walking around town, and even an exclusive ‘Cocktail Party’ just for you), you will overcome any shyness and ‘weirdness’ with women, develop masterful Approaching Skills, Attraction skills and Dating Skills, and you will walk out of the weekend a different man – a confident, ‘High-Value’ desirable man who is able to easily attract & date beautiful, quality women.

There is only ONE (1, uno) weekend Bootcamp in each of these locations, for the entire year, and there are LESS THAN 10 participant slots per Bootcamp, per location – this is a small and ‘intimate’ workshop because each participant gets highly personalized coaching and support from myself and my team so that everyone gets the breakthroughs and results that are promised. If you miss this year’s Bootcamp, you will not have another opportunity until next Summer.

In just 1 amazing and transformative weekend, you will learn everything you need to know about Dating & WOMEN and you’ll know exactly HOW to powerfully ATTRACT them and have them fall crazy in love (and lust) with you.


  SEE FULL LIST of Guaranteed RESULTS! 



[ez_box title=”So here’s your AGENDA over the course of the 2 ½ Day Bootcamp:” color=”red”]

Day 1 “MINDSET Shift DAY”: 6:00-10pm 

PART I: We’re going to dive right into discovering and diagnosing each of your biggest “blocks” and nasty hidden blind spots that are at the deep-rooted SOURCE of all your failures, fears & rejections with women. We will distinguish the limiting mindsets and beliefs you have that have been lurking in the background and sabotaging your relationships all your life. You will have a breakthrough around your confidence & how you relate to women that will shift your whole reality! (For the better, much much better 🙂

PART II: Understanding WOMEN & The Female Mind; Psychology of Attraction
You’re going to take a serious journey into the female mind, and I’m going to teach you all the inner-workings of women and female attraction – what women really want, what are the primal forces triggers our attraction and desire in men, Common Myths & Misconceptions about Women that most guys wrongly believe that causes them to fail, and the REAL Facts – What you’ll learn is going to blow your mind!

You’re going to find out HOW women categorize men immediately and what factors have us deciding whether a guy we meet is a “High Value” desirable guy that we should date/sleep with, or whether he’s a “Low value” guy that we throw in the platonic Friend Zone. You will learn the secrets of what gets women’s instant attention and interest and what turns us on, as well as what KILLS our interest and attraction and what things turn us OFF. And of course the psychology behind all of this so you’ll understand not only the “what” but the WHY behind it all. You will understand women on a whole new intimate level that’ll enable you to have WILDLY more successful relationships with them for the rest of your life!

By the end of the first night, you will be shifting from the disempowering mindset of the low-confident, “Low-Value” Beta Male to adopting the winning Mindset of a truly Confident, Attractive, “High-Value” Alpha Male that easily attracts women… And you’ll be starting to disappear unattractive “losery” behaviors and beliefs and you’ll start to settle into your new identity that’s CONFIDENT and POWERFUL!


Day 2 “Day Session”: 10am – 6pm (with lunch break)

Part I: We will go over each of the critical components within your “Inner Game” and improve every area so that your Inner Game, Confidence, Self-Image is rock-solid and set up for you to be effortlessly attracting & dating the women that you want!

Part II: We will go over each of the critical components within your “Outer Game,” such as your Physical Appearance, Style & Wardrobe, Personality, Communication & Social Skills, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication & Behaviors, Social Life, and more, and develop your entire “Package” so that you are making a powerful impression and women will instantly categorize you as a “High-Status,” Attractive, Sexy and Desirable guy that they want to sleep with and DATE! It’s all about the image that you are projecting to women, and that image will either have women instantly categorizing you as just a “Friend,” OR it will have women instantly perceiving you as a romantic and sexual interest.

After we’ve improved all the major components in your “Outer Game,” you will forever change the way that women perceive you and respond to you; You will be that guy who always gets the girl and fires off their attraction triggers.

We will distinguish what it means to be a “REAL MAN” to women, and you will develop and enhance your “Real Man” traits & Sexy Masculine Presence – another key shift that will allow you to attract women much more easily and effortlessly. Essentially, you are going to be growing some bigger balls!

You will have a breakthrough in your Boldness and Self-expression and begin to dissapear your fears of rejection and self-conciousness

Part III: Mastering the APPROACH
Approach Mastery! Together we will have you overcoming your Approach Anxiety and eliminate any lingering fears you have about approaching, communicating with, flirting, and asking out women. You will learn my proven Approaching Strategies, Shy-busters & foolproof Conversation Formulas that I teach my private clients that will enable you to confidently approach ANY woman, anytime, anywhere, and always know what to say to spark their attraction, create long, stimulating conversations, ask them out, get their phone #s and GET the DATES!

You will be learning and practicing these approaching & conversational strategies FIRST-HAND outside during both the day-time and night-time in our real-world “Field Training” sessions. I will take you to a number of different settings and scenarios to practice – including Coffee Shops, Grocery Store, the Park, Bars, and Nightclubs, so you will be trained to know exactly how to approach and talk to women in EVERY kind of different situation in your life.

Approaching Night


Day 2 “Night Session”: 9pm – 1:00am (approx)

PART I: Exclusive Cocktail Party! 9pm -11pm

First we’re going to all meet up in style for an exclusive Cocktail Party that I coordinate just for you guys. This is truly a special treat because you will get a party just for yourselves with a bunch of attractive single women that are all yours! This is a rare and invaluable opportunity for you to practice all of the approaching strategies, conversation and flirting techniques, Alpha Male mindset and the other attraction skills that you have learned so far – on real women in a comfortable environment! You’ll be able to put your skills to the test, and then get candid feedback and coaching during and after.

PART II: Live Approaching, Flirting & Conversation Skills Training Session
Then after the Cocktail Party, we’ll continue on to PART II of our “Night-on-the-Town” field outing, where my lovely Assistant and I will take you out to a few other prime female-saturated local hot-spots to give you even more hands-on practice and training in approaching, flirting, and conversation skills.

We will be your Wing-girls and we’ll be showing you in action exactly how it’s done! You will be approaching women, getting phone #s, and doing other kinds of bold moves that you’ve never done before in your life! By the end of the night, you will have had so many breakthroughs that you won’t even recognize yourself.

This Saturday night evening outing alone is so transformative and valuable that it far outweighs the cost of the seminar, as the live training you’ll receive from me will help you integrate all these skills and rapidly accelerate your mastery of approaching. This night alone is worth thousands.

approach women


DAY 3: ADVANCED Approaching & Conversational Skills                                  

PART I: We will discuss your experiences and feedback from our Night-on-the-Town, overcome common objections & obstacles to successfully approaching women, and learn additional strategies and techniques that will have you strengthening the success of your approaches, improving the quality of your conversations, and getting more Phone #s and Dates


You will create your personal “Dating Game Plan” which will include both online & offline strategies, methods and places for you to be easily meeting lots of women in your life and daily routine. Your Dating Game Plan will WHERE and HOW you will be meeting the kinds of women that are your type on a regular basis, and enable you to have a full “Pipeline” of women & dates!

PART III: (4:30pm) “Graduation Ceremony”:
You are now officially a Confident, Date-able, Desirable, “High-Value” MAN who is set up to have incredible success with women and is ready to take on the world!



Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to change the course of your love life forever! I am only making this tour ONCE a year. That’s it. So don’t be a procrastinator. (That’s a huge ‘Beta Male’ habit by the way).

Find the location that is closest to your city, even if it’s a short flight away –
And BOOK your Ticket NOW!

Figure out the logistics or money later after you’ve got your seat booked, or I’d be happy to help you with that as well.


The Nitty-Gritty Bootcamp Details



  • FRIDAY night from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

  • SATURDAY from 10:00am – 6:00pm

  • SATURDAY NIGHT from 9:00pm – 1:00am

  • SUNDAY from 10:30am – 4:30pm

  • Participant SLOTS: Only 7 participants maximum per Bootcamp. This is a very private & exclusive group of guys, and seats will sell out FAST!

  • LOCATIONS: San Diego, LA, New York, London, and Dubai

  • Tuition Investment: Only $1,897!  / OR only $1,597 if paid in full or you enroll a friend : )

    *And if you bring in a Friend, you both get a discount of $100! Making your tickets only $1,397


[ez_box title=”Here are just a few of the GUARANTEED Results every participant will get from the Weekend:” color=”grey”]

  • RESULT #1: Personal Assessment done for each participant with myself & my team, to create a solid foundation for the rest of the weekend. You will get REAL, honest feedback from myself and other women discussing with you HOW you occur for women – what our perception of you is, the things we notice about your presence, physical appearance and behaviors that are strengths – and the things we notice that are turn-offs; unattractive weaknesses that are turning women off and preventing them from being more attracted to you. Then, we work on ADDING all of those missing elements to your game throughout the weekend, get those weaknesses of yours strengthened, and significantly improve your attractiveness & desirability inside and out.
  • RESULT #2: We’ll discover the unattractive dating behaviors (I call them “attraction killers”), subconscious “blocks,” and biggest mistakes you’ve been unknowingly making that have kept you failing with women – and get rid of them for good. You will develop irresistible CONFIDENCE and SEX APPEAL, and build an Attractive Image & Lifestyle that naturally attracts women to you without much effort
  • RESULT #3: You will banish classic “Nice Guy Syndrome” as well as social awkwardness if you have it, and we will unleash your inner Alpha Male! After the weekend, you will still be the same great, nice guy that you are, but you will have developed the strong, confident and masculine, ‘Alpha Male’ side to you too – a very critical component that will have you gaining the RESPECT, appreciation and attraction from women (as well as your peers and co-workers) which will cause them to immediately see you as a ROMANTIC prospect, NOT someone to just put in the Friend Zone.
  • RESULT#4: You will overcome your shyness & master your conversational skills & approaching skills. We will go out on the town getting you ‘hands-on’ training in many different real environments, such as bars and lounges, coffee shops and grocery stores, and a very cool exclusive ‘Cocktail Party’ on Saturday night that I’ve arranged with a bunch of attractive single women who are there JUST for you! – So by the end of the weekend you’ll be able to confidently approach any beautiful woman, anytime, anywhere, create stimulating conversations with her, create sexual tension and FLIRT with her, ask her out and WALK AWAY with her phone # – consistently! The field training is such a powerful learning method because we coach, show you what to do, then watch you and evaluate your performance, so you’re constantly learning & developing your skills throughout the entire weekend.
  • RESULT #5: You will develop powerful ATTRACTION and SEDUCTION skills; You will learn EXACTLY how the female mind works, and how to powerfully attract women as
    effortlessly as a Rock Star – especially the beautiful, high-quality women. You will understand women on a whole new level and it will create opportunities for you that you cant even imagine now.
  • RESULT #6: And because you’ll be a different kind of man after the weekend, you will start dating attractive, higher-quality women that you want – and you’ll have the knowledge and skillset to smoothly progress it into an amazing relationship. Be it just casual and sexual, or a lasting committed relationship.