Where is your Love Life at right now?

The “Attraction”


Phase Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

Phase Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE: Start here if you are relatively new or inexperienced with dating, you are newly single after a divorce or break-up, or you’ve been ineffective with dating & need to work on any of these foundational “core” areas:

  • DISCOVER your root issues, Hidden “blocks” and ineffective dating behaviors that are at the source of your previous failures with women, dating and relationships – and eliminate them.
  • Eliminate Self-consciousness and Insecurities; DEVELOP solid core Confidence and Self-Love
  • OVERCOME Shyness & Social Anxieties; Eliminate Fear of Rejection Develop a Confident and Powerful “High-Value” Mindset & Irresistible ‘Inner Game’ Overcome classic “Nice Guy Syndrome” and Develop into a “High Value/High Status” Man that women desire. Shift from a ‘follower’(Beta male’) to a Leader(Alpha male) that women like, respect & want to be with.
  • Overcome PORN & Video Game Addiction – Experience the true freedom and incredible results you’ll see with women once you free yourself from the debilitating chains of porn and/or video game over-use
  • Enhance your Assertiveness & Masculinity: Transform from passive, weak “boy” to a Real MAN who is well-respected, strong & confident.
  • “Reverse-Engineering”: If you’re an Introvert, we will go through my proven process of shifting all those unattractive traits & behaviors that are preventing you from connecting with women and MAXIMIZING the positive traits that you have so that you are able to more naturally attract women & create relationships with them, without your previous barriers.
  • TIMEFRAME: This Phase usually takes 3 Months before moving into PHASE II (“Dating”)

The “Dating” Phase


Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

This coaching Phase is for Men who have already developed all or most of the core areas in Phase I, and who are already ‘dating’ but want to get better results and/or get into a committed relationship:

  • Understand Women & the Psychology of Female Attraction on a very deep level, so you’ll know what Women are looking for in a Man they want to date, what triggers their attraction & how to stand OUT amongst your competition
  • Learn how to create powerful chemistry with women & attract them right from the first interaction
  • Prevent falling in the Friend Zone
  • Develop Masterful Conversational skills & Flirting Skills that get you Phone #s, Dates, & Relationships
  • Develop Masterful APPROACHING Skills & Overcome Approach Anxiety
  • Develop a  Killer Personality that women are drawn to: Funny, Charismatic, “Ballsy,” & Confident
  • Develop your MASCULINITY more fully, own your power as a man & unleash your inner Alpha Male
  • Develop your Masculine Traits: Leadership, Assertiveness, Decisiveness, Sexual Energy, Life Purpose
  • Develop an Active & Successful DATING Life! I will coach you through executing your personalized ‘Dating Strategy Plan’ that will have you meeting and dating LOTs of great, high-quality women
  • Develop powerful ATTRACTION & Dating skills, learn how to navigate the entire dating process, from the 1st Dates, to escalating Attraction, creating Sexual Tension and seducing her into Bed! Then how to progress it into the kind of relationship that you want.
  • TIMEFRAME: The Dating Phase usually lasts from 3-6 months before my clients find their Ideal Woman and enter into a committed relationship with her (PHASE III)


The “Relationship” Phase


Phase Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

This Coaching Phase is for Men who have already mastered Phases I & II, and who are either currently dating someone special OR are looking to find their Ideal Woman & create an incredible relationship or marriage with her.

  • I will coach you through finding & attracting your “Ms. RIGHT!”
  • Progressing the Dates into a  meaninful committed Relationship; Then, how to Successfully Navigate through each relationship phase
  • How to be an incredible Kisser and her most amazing Lover.
  • How Women are TESTING you in every stage to determine your value & how to pass these Tests
  • Understand WOMEN and SEX intimately so that you’re able satisfy all her hidden needs & desires, keep her fulfilled sexually, and get her seriously hooked on you.  Learn these keys & you will be every woman’s Dream Man!
  • How to be Romantic & Affectionate
  • How to Communicate effectively with women & read their minds
  • How to keep her strongly Attracted & interested over time and not make the many common mistakes that most guys make that causes women to suddenly lose interest, cheat on you, or dump you.
  • Develop incredible Relationship Skills & Communication strategies that will keep your relationship happy, passionate, & lasting.
  • TIMEFRAME: The Relationship Phase usually lasts from 3 months until however long my client chooses to continue the coaching with me once I get them settled into a committed relationship with their Ideal Woman. Many of my clients choose to continue the coaching so that they can continue building an amazing relationship and deepen their relationship skills, worth through the inevitable issues and challenges that come up with their partner, and navigate through the next phases of their relationship evolution. Many of my clients continue the coaching after they’re happily married either individually or together as a couple, because there is always more to learn and evolve in a relationship!

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