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Which Coaching Option is Best for you?

Now that you know all of the Areas of Focus & the 3 different Phases that I coach my clients through, you now get to choose which method of Coaching that you would prefer. I offer several different Coaching service options to achieve your dating & relationship goals. We will choose the right option for you based on your preference, needs, goals & budget: (*For Immediate Results Coaching, “Get your Ex Back” or Relationship Recovery Coaching options, go to this page)

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DATING Phase Coaching Plans

      • The "Accelerated Coaching Plan"
          If you are one of those ambitious, high-performing guys who love to get results FASTER, and get the "Full Rock-Star Treatment,"

 I would recommend that we start with 3 months of this ‘Accelerated Results Coaching’ option first. 

          This Coaching option is also 1-on-1 with me, but it is a more “hands on” and interactive IN-PERSON Coaching plan consisting of real-world experiential coaching that takes place 'out in the field' rather than in my office or over Skype/Phone.

This is for clients who either live in or near Southern California, or who would like to fly here or fly ME to wherever you are to have this incredibly valuable in-person coaching & training with me.[We can also do a modified version of this via Skype if you are Non-local for a slightly lower rate - $1,097]. I will take you to different environments to make profound breakthroughs and develop solid confidence and skills that have been difficult to achieve on your own, including:

        • Overcoming severe Shyness & Social Anxiety, Social & Conversational skills development; Comfort around social environments, new people, and especially the opposite sex; 
        • Developing solid Self-Confidence and overcoming deep-rooted Self-consciousness issues
        • Overcoming Approach Anxiety, Mastering your ability to approach women, talk to them effortlessly, and ask them out; Developing masterful Flirting skills and Attraction skills; Develop comfort around physical closeness, touching, and intimacy with women
        • Improve your Body language, First Impression, Energy Levels, Communication, Sex Appeal, and personal  Charisma, and anything else that is lacking or needs real improvement in order for you to be fully effective with attracting women & developing lasting romantic relationships with them.
        • We do things like “Mock Dates,” Approaching Field Sessions at bars and coffee shops, Physical Touching/Kino escalation sessions with my female assistants, Social Anxiety/Shyness Breakthrough Sessions, Flirting Field Sessions, interactive role-play, guided visualization, Hyponosis & NLP sessions, and more in order to break up long-standing behavioral patterns and other deep-rooted issues that you’ve been struggling with your whole life, once and for all!
        • HOURS: We spend a lot more time together in this Immersion Coaching option - usually between 6-10 Coaching Hours/month
        • INVESTMENT: $1,697 per month (for In-person)/ $1,397 (Skype)
  • The "Basic" Monthly Coaching Plan
      • For those that want a standard Coaching plan to achieve your dating & relationship goals
      • Our Coaching takes place on an ongoing basis; Usually 3-12 months, depending on your needs & goals
      • We have 3 (1-Hour Coaching sessions per month, usually over Skype)
      • You also have support from me outside of our weekly coaching sessions and you can communicate with me or seek my advice if you need to, you get Homework assignments and action steps, and accountability from me all throughout your coaching term to keep you motivated and on track with reaching your big goals that we create for you when we start. We move you through each of the dating & relationship phases and develop you in all the areas that you need
      • INVESTMENT: $800 per Month
       * 6-12 Months Ongoing Monthly Skype Coaching Plan ($800+ / month)
       * 12-Month All-Inclusive Coaching & Matchmaking Package:  Includes 1 full year of Coaching AND personalized high-quality Matchmaking, designed to find you the love of your life within a year - $15,000
         * Transformative Private Intensive Coaching Weekend (In-person, 1-on-1):


          This intensive, "Transformation" option is reserved for those ultra-motivated clients who do not live in other parts of the country or the world and/or simply want to have the very best, hands-on coaching & experience money can buy. You either fly out to my 'hood in Los Angeles, CA, or I will fly out out to YOU and spend 4 days coaching you in-person in Los Angeles or your own hometown, on all the areas we work on in my Warrior Seduction Attraction Bootcamp AND my 1-on-1 Coaching program, but condensed down into 4 awesome days. Plus, we will go out at night and in the daytime to practice everything with me right there with you, especially your approaching skills, conversational and flirting skills and attraction skills, and I will essentially be your “Wing-girl” all weekend.

        • We usually begin the weekend on a Friday at 12:00pm, starting with a "Mock Date" with you and I at a restaraunt so I can give you the most accurate and honest feedback of how women are perceiving you and feeling about you, right from the first impression. That is the most valuable way to begin the weekend because then I can "diagnose" what's wrong and know right away what your points of weaknesses are and what we'll need to focus on coaching you on the most for the rest of the weekend. All my coaching is personalized and customized to you and what YOU need that's going to be the game-changers for you.
        • Then we regroup after the Mock Date and I spend the afternoon breaking down my feedback and diagnosis for you, and coaching you.
        • I will take you out on Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday day to different environments to give you the best hands-on training possible to develop and master your ability to approach attractive women anywhere, strike up and maintain engaging conversations with them, flirt with them, create sexual attraction with them, get their phone numbers and create dates with them. I will be pushing you beyond your normal comfort zone, acting as your Wing-girl (I am your female "cousin" for the weekend 😉 and getting you to accomplish results and wins that you've never had before! Lots of fun and surprising things happen throughout my weekends with my clients.
        • Sunday night and Monday day I leave you to go out on your own and give you a homework assignment to accomplish and you are practicing the techniques and skills I've been developing with you all weekend on your own, so that you will fully integrate these skills after the weekend without needing someone by your side as a crutch
        • Monday later afternoon/evening we re-group again and go over all your feedback and results, and fine-tune anything that still needs refining or more practicing.
        • We develop your skills in different environments so you are competent everywhere in your life - bars, coffee shops, restaraunts, walking around town, etc.
        • I also take you shopping and give you a personal Style, Image & Wardrobe makeover, enhancing your personal style and getting you set up with some really hot, "date-ready" outfits.
        • This "Transformation" Coaching Package also includes 2 Pre-Weekend Skype Coaching session, and Online Dating & Tinder Profile Makeover, and 2 (1-Hour) Skype Coaching sessions following up after the weekend, PLUS a full month of email and texting support from me to lock in your results and skills.
        • Total INVESTMENT for 4-Day Transformation Weekend Package: $4,197
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