Do you NEED this Coaching?

Top Signs that you definitely NEED one of my Coaching services:

  • You are already currently dating (or attempting to) but having little success dating and attracting the women you want
  • You’re barely getting ANY dates or your dating life is pretty non-existent
  • You want to be confident and readily-liked, respected, and DESIRED by womenlonely-man-at-bar
  • You’ve got social anxiety, shyness, insecurities or fears around women
  • Your relationships with women fall flat – They often disappear or suddenly stop calling back, they frequently flake on you, they fizzle out, or you frequently get stuck in the “Friend Zone”
  • You suffer from “Approach Anxiety” and find it very difficult to approach women, let along talk to them.
  • You’ve been cheated on or dumped before more than once
  • You want to learn how to better and more deeply connect with women just by being yourself
  • You’re newly single, recently divorced or widowed, and want to start transitioning back in the dating scene but want to do it right and don’t really know where to start
  • You’re basically clueless with women, or you want to understand women better, be more successful at dating, and learn how to powerfully attract women and get them to commit
  • You want to be able to attract higher quality, more attractive women with ease and have an incredible girlfriend or wife in your near future
  • You’re not into the sleazy Pick-up-Artist stuff that focuses solely on how to manipulate and use women for short-term purposes
  • You’re ready and eager to be in an amazing relationship and find your perfect Woman
  • You’re still a Virgin – and it ain’t because of your religion.
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And here are the typical results that you can expect to get out of my Coaching programs and services



Dramatically Heightened Confidence, Self-Image & Identity
Powerfully & Genuinely developed ‘Inner Game’ & Masculine, Alpha Male traits that women seek out
Heightened Desirability, Sex Appeal & all-over Attractiveness
Dramatically enhanced ability to communicate, connect with & attract women, especially attractive, high-quality women
A More Active & Exciting Dating and Social Life – Start Meeting & Dating the kinds of Women you Want!
Masterful Approaching Skills: You will overcome your Approach Anxiety and eliminate any lingering fears or nervousness you have about approaching women! In just a few weeks you will learn how to approach women anytime, anywhere, and always know what to say to attract them.
Master your 1st Impression & First Date “Success Rate” – So you can guarantee you’ll get past the first date!
Effective & Persuasive Communication Skills: You will learn how to communicate & connect with women and build instant rapport and chemistry them effortlessly. You will be able to intuitively sense what they want and need and deliver it to them in a way that attracts them.
Masterful Attraction Skills: You will learn how Attraction really works for women, How to build it, Enhance it, and Sustain it over time, as what kills it. Plus learn instant Chemistry-Creating & Flirting Skills to create a MEMORABLE first impression in her mind.
Understand Women & Female Psychology: You will learn all about the Psychology of women and discover what women really WANT, What Attracts them & gets their attention, How they communicate & ‘Operate,’ How to satisfy their subconscious needs and desires, How they “test” men through every stage of the dating process to determine whether they want to be with you and how to pass them.
“Seduction” Skills: You will learn what women want in a Lover and how to be the most amazing lover she’s ever had; Secrets to turning her on and making her crave you; Plus Kissing, Sex, Foreplay & Romance secrets and strategies.
Masterful Dating Skills: You’ll learn WHERE & how to meet attractive, single, quality Women in your daily life (and especially the specific type of women you’re looking for); When to go & What to do, How to build dating and meeting new women into your schedule and lifestyle easily and naturally and make it enjoyable. You will know how to Act & What to do ON & In-between Dates in order to succeed with women; Perfect Date Planning & preparation.
Online Dating Skills: You will learn how to effectively search online, how to best communicate, ‘flirt’ and engage women to greatly increase your response rate & dates, How to maximize your accounts and online dating success.
Successful Relationship Skills: You will learn the skills necessary to develop and maintain a successful, healthy, passionate relationship and sustain attraction and excitement over time.


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