May 4th Begins National Dating & Life Coach Recognition Week…Date for a Cause!

Yes, the week of May 4th – May 9th is officially ‘National Dating & Life Coach Recognition Week’…(You haven’t heard?) So in honor of the holiday, I decided I’m going to whip up a BIG campaign, one that I intend to seriously ‘Stimulate’ the economy in ALL areas. I’m calling it Date for a Cause ® And I’d really love it if you would participate! I need your help too.

My Campaign Goal for the week: To Create 1,000 Dates across the country – for a good cause!

WHAT does that mean? I mean that I want to pledge to stimulate at least 1,000 dates, starting here in San Diego, and trickling all across the US (and even further if I could)! I want to make these dates happen through several different vehicles of my Date Coaching & Advice: Through my daily Blog and Video Blog Tips I’ll be posting on my website each day, through Social Media outlets Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, and also through my one-on-one Date Coaching sessions I’ll be giving during the week at a VERY discounted rate (Sign up for yours here to reserve your spot!), and also through the help of YOU guys and other great Dating & Relationship Experts in other places in the country that will help spread the word and reach our goal! (If you’re a Dating or Relationship Expert and you’re interested in hopping on the campaign with me and being featured, contact me so I can give you the details)

HOW? It’ll be easy! Each of those 5 days (M-F) I’ll record & release a new set of Dating, Approaching & Attraction Tips targeting different key skills each day that that will make it as easy and even enjoyable as possible for every person to get or go on at least one date next week, whether you’re a girl or a guy. With our excellent dating tips, there should be no excuses not to!  I’ll be releasing the dating tips in the form of short 3-minute video clips and written blog posts each day next week right at 8:00am (PST); Find them here on my website, on Twitter and YouTube. Keyword to use when searching: “Dating Stimulus.Through the effectiveness of our combined Coaching, Tips & Strategies, and the power of social networking & viral communication, with everyone spreading the word to all their different networks, getting just 1,000 people to set up dates should be easy to attain! 

Campaign GOAL: To get at least 1,000 people to go on or set up dates across the country. You don’t have to physically go on the date next week as long as you at least have asked them out and set the date, or have been asked out. And, you do NOT have to be single to participate! If you’re in a relationship, your “date” can be with your spouse or significant other. Because it’s so important that you still make time to date when you’re in a couple, too, which is a crucial key to long-lasting relationships that unfortunately a lot of people forget about!

How will the Dates be Counted? I will be posting up a simple form later this week that will be visible on my homepage so that people can easily update it if they have a date set up and it will keep a running tally.

WHY? Times are so tough right now economically, and this country needs a little lift… and a lot of love! Dating is good for the economy, it’s good for ourselves, and it’s beneficial to your married and relationship. Whatever it is that’s holding you back from dating – whether it’s shyness, finances, stress, lack of dating skills, or what have you, are just mental roadblocks and can be quickly overturned if you really want. Over the next week, myself and other great Dating & Life Coaches will give you strategies & tips that will show you how to get over all those roadblocks and get what you really want. So take this next week as your perfect excuse to make an effort, take action, and go after the love that you really want. PLUS…all the proceeds are going to a great cause. So get your mind off of whatever’s been stressing you back and let’s have some fun!

I’ll post more details in the next few days as I confirm everything, but here is my tentative schedule next week: May 4th-May 9th: National Dating & Life Coach Recognition Week! Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter or following me on Twitter or Facebook in order to get the most up-to-date details.

Monday, May 4th
  • I will be releasing my first set of 3-minute Video-recorded Dating Tips that you’ll be able to see on my Website, on Twitter (also connected to my Facebook) & on YouTube. Make sure you catch this first set of key tips, they will make it much easier for you to set up, ask out, BE asked out, and go on those dates!
  • All day from 10am-6pm! I will be at a booth at a central location in San Diego, either at Fashion Valley Mall or in PB in San Diego (I’ll know for sure by Friday and will post it up). If you’re local, stop by and support! I’ll be giving special 25-minute Date Coaching & Strategy Sessions to people for only $25.00 (normally $125) ALL day from 10am-6pm. (Limited to the first 50 people that sign up, so hurry – must Sign up beforehand to reserve yours; Sign-up Form below) I will also be offering exclusive products & giveaways from myself and other relevant companies

  • Then, from 7:00-8pm (PST) I will be broadcasting my Blog Talk Radio Show letting everyone know the results of the first day of the campaign, and special details for the rest of the week. I’ll be joined by several other special guest Dating & Relationship Experts & authors in the industry as well and we’ll do some giveaways, and give out solid insider’s tips & strategies to give you the information you need to multiply your dates in 1 week. We’ll kick off the week right! Click here to tune into my Talk Radio Show.
  • At 8am I’ll release my 2nd set of Video Dating Tips which you’ll be able to see on my website, Twitter, and YouTube. This time I’ll be giving the tips with a very talented Male Dating Coach, for added male insight! Don’t miss this.

  • I will be set up at the same spot again giving more Date Coaching & Strategy Sessions (both in person and over the phone, so you can still reserve a session at this special price even if you don’t live in SD), plus more special Giveaways, dating & attraction tips, and will be administering free “Dating Needs Assessments!”
  • I will release my 3rd set of Video Dating Tips on my website, Twitter, and YouTube at 8:00am for a new set of skills to help you. Watch for them.
  • Catch me online all day in my Dating Forums here on my website, where I’ll be answering all your dating questions and chatting with followers live all day. 
  • Then in the evening from 7:00-8:00pm (PST) join me in my FREE Dating Tele-Seminar on: How to enhance your Date-ability, Attraction & Romantic Market Value! Held over the phone. To join, simply dial this number:
  • At 8am I will release my 4th set of Video Dating Tips for you to implement.
  • Then, from 7:00-8:00pm (PST): I will be holding aVirtual Singles & Tweed-Dating Party” online on Twitter! It’s going to be a blast the first of its kind, so be a part of it. To join the party, simply go to, and enter in Hashtag #Twingles Meet other singles, mingle, talk to myself and other dating experts and have fun! See who you meet.
  • I’ll Release the 5th and final set of my Video Dating Tips, for one last push to get everyone set up on dates! As usual, check for these on Twitter, YouTube and my website blog.

I will start tallying up the dates, and hopefully there will be at least 1,000 dates that have been (or will soon be) had, and lots of money going to charity. Let’s do it!

Sign up for any or all of the events or activities above for the week by filling out the contact form below! In the message, please specify if you’re signing up to reserve your Date Coaching Session next week, (limited spots) or to sign up for my Teleseminar on Wednesday, or simply to request more info about the week and how you can participate. I will confirm with you once I receive your email. Thank you for participating, and please spread the word!