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Hey Guys, do you want to know the simple secret to getting women REALLY attracted to you, and wanting to hear from you and see you again?

It’s actually more simple than having you try to memorize lots of silly Pick-up strategies or “seduction techniques,” and it all boils down to you understanding WHAT to make a woman FEEL in your presence… And how to trigger those emotions in her.

Remember that women don’t fall in love or lust with a guy just based on how he looks – that’s how male attraction works, not female attraction.


That is precisely why a guy can do all the push-ups in the world to get 6-pack abs or try his best to improve his physical looks, but if he can’t get her to feel certain emotions, he won’t get anywhere with her and she won’t be able to see him other than a friend.

 Women feel attraction and fall in love with a man primarily based on how he makes her feel.

So if you understand what are the primary emotions that women want to feel when they are interacting with a guy, and how to trigger those emotions consistently, then you’ll be able to attract the women you really want, experience a deeper fulfilling connection, and sustain that attraction and connection over time.

Watch my video above where I break this down in more detail for you. 

And if you need or want any further coaching from me to personally teach you how to easily create these emotions in women, fill out my Dating Needs Assessment form so I can schedule a 1-on-1 call with you and help you out.

Now go get ’em, Tigers! xo

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DeAnna Lorraine is a mens Dating Coach and Relationship expert 

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