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I’m an Author, Relationship Coach, political commentator and Host of my conservative-based Podcast “Make Love Great Again!” Where I discuss the latest political issues and how they are affecting our modern relationships, men, women, the family unit – and America as a whole. More specifically, I believe that the downfall of America is directly correlated to the downfall of our relationships and the family. The primary cause of the downfall has been liberal ideologies & practices replacing our traditional American values. And the cure? Bringing those traditional American values back!  In my book and teachings I repeat the message that we NEED God in our lives, we need strong families, strong relationships between men and women, and laws that uphold the Constitution and the America that our Founding Fathers designed. To see a preview and Table of Contents of my book, or order a copy, check it out here on AMAZONMaking Love Great Again!

As a Relationship & Dating Coach, who is also a “Millennial,” and working with men and women every day in their personal lives I have a very unique vantage point and offer some powerful insight into the world of modern relationships, men and women, and the crazy cultural war we are in. I am young enough to be a part of the changing times and know what the younger generation is going through, yet old enough to have experienced some of “how things used to be.” We are at a crossroads right now and we need to fight for our future. Fast. 

Sample Topics DeAnna can speak on

  • How Feminism is Failing Men, Women, the Family – And the Country:
    • The Lies of Feminism – How they’re Harming Women, Men, Relationships, Family – And the Country
  • What All Parents (and grandparents) Need to Know about Creeping Liberal Ideologies impacting your Children – from the media to the schools and beyond [Alienating children from their parents & reducing parental influence; Encouraging Anti-Americanism, atheism, Porn, Planned Parenthood’s “sex education,” Victimhood, Gender ideologies, Crossdressing, “Slut culture,” Abortion]
  • How to Empower your Women and Girls to Stand up to modern Feminism and Liberalism & Uphold Conservative Values
    • How women can be empowered & feminine without being a “Nasy Woman” Feminist
    • Modern issues facing women & girls today: High pressure to be “Leaders” and highly successful – causing record rates of depression & anxiety, drug use
    • Shame & Devaluing of traditional feminine roles & goals, such as marriage and motherhood
    • Condemning Femininity – Encouraging women to be more masculine, rude & crude
    • Encouraging promiscuiy & abortion: Disassociating girls from their emotions & feminine instincts, especially with regards to sex, love and relationships
  • The Issues Facing Boys today: The War on Boys & Men and what we can do about it
    • Porn & Video game addiction
    • Imasculation and male-shaming
    • The Increasing male depression & suicide rate
    • Increasing male joblessness; Decreasing male employment & education rate
    • Boys & Men lost and without a purpose
    • Removal of male-only spaces (such as Boy Scouts)
    • The alarming rapid growth of the “MGTOW” Movement – Men Going Their Own Way
  • The Insidious “Homesexual/Gender-Fluid Agenda”
  • How its creeping its way into all aspects of life, from your children’s schools, to cartoons, the media and beyond and why it’s so harmful for our relationships, family & the country
  • Why we NEED gender differences & certain gender roles in order to have thriving relationships, families and country
  • How to Reach & Energize the Younger Generation (and really, ANY stubborn liberals) to Wake Up, Walk Away from the Left – And VOTE Republican this year
  • How liberal ideologies have been destroying relationships, the family, and this country and How we can Bring Conservative values back to the Schools, Churches
  • The many ways the Left has been trying to remove God & Christian Values from our culture, and the effect of a lack of God & morals on our children and relationships, country
  • How the Left creates Division & Hate in America: How the Left is creating race wars, class wars and gender wars and keeping the Black population, women and minorities mentally enslaved
  • How to Make Love (and America) GREAT Again!
    • Why it’s been so hard for men and women to date, connect and marry in the last 5 years, and why men are “boycotting” relationships and marriages with women at record rates
    • What we need to do on a personal level, and as a country, to “Make Love GREAT again,” and heal the division between men and women, revive traditional values, decrease the rate of fatherlessness and divorce, and restore healthy families and communities again

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