3 Things all Women Want in a REAL Man: (see Video & Blog post below)

Guys, let me tell you a little something you may not know – When women reach a certain age… Usually, after they graduate from college, they reach the point where most of us have dated a lot of guys and we are fed up with dating “little boys” – we are ready to date a REAL Man!

We no longer care as much about superficial qualities like is he super “hot” or have 6-pack abs, is he “popular,” does he play in a band or drive a Beamer. We start realizing that those things are well and fine, but if you basically act like an immature boy in a relationship with us or while dating, then none of that other stuff really matters because we want to be with a man. Check out my Video & new Blog post on this topic HERE.

In our search for a ‘real Man,’ we women look for a lot of different things in you to help us determine whether you are one or not… And in my Men’s 3-Day Weekend Bootcamp, “Unleash your Inner Casanova,” we spend time really developing all these desirable masculine traits and have you fully come into a your own as a “Real Man” that all women want. But here I discuss 3 of those important qualities that you can start working on – today. 

1.  Leadership! 

What does this look like? It looks like a Man who enjoys stepping up to the plate and taking charge, taking care of things. He has control of his own life, career path, finances, and future and he doesn’t just sit around waiting for things to happen – He makes it happen! He is not a wuss – with his life and with girls – and he doesn’t passively wait around  for the girl to move things along in the relationship, to make the moves physically, or to initiate all the weekend plans or dates.

2. Integrity… A Reliable Man of his Word! 

What this looks like: If you want a woman to have an image of you as being an immature “little boy,” then go ahead and be that guy who is flaky, forgetful, breaks his promises and commitments frequently, and is hard to count on. Women may overlook things like that when they’re younger, but most women who are in their mid-20s and older are fed up with dating little boys and are turned off quickly by a guy who shows he is unreliable. We are looking for a man who shows us that he could be a good husband and possibly father, and that means a man who we can count on – rely on – an honest man who will call when he says he’s going to call, he follows through on his promises and commitments to us and to other people, he generally does the right thing even when no one is looking, and he is a man of his word.

Because really… All you have is your word! When we see that you operate with a high level of integrity in your business, with your relationships, with your life as a whole and especially with us, it gives us women a great deal of comfort and confidence in you that you are a guy who we can trust giving our heart to… Integrity is sexy! Frequently breaking your word, being flaky, and other unreliable ‘little boy’ behaviors is so un-sexy!

3. Good Boy/Bad Boy Contrast!

What this looks like: When we women picture what kind of guy we want to spend a lot of our precious time with, and what kind of guy we can envision ourselves with for our partner in life, we pretty much all want a guy who is a “GOOD Guy”… But with a Bad Boy hiding underneath. I already told you that most women (at least sane, healthy women) seek men who show they are reliable, have integrity, and who respect us and treat us well. However, we don’t want a guy who is PURE Saint, pure wholesome goodness 100% of the time… That’s gonna be boring!

No woman wants to jump into bed with Mr. safe Cautious Carl… Snooze-fest! So while it’s important to be a good honest and respectful guy, DO show girls that you have a little wild, bad boy side to you too who’s down to get a little mischevious sometimes, take some risks, who can let loose and have fun. And of course, we want to see that you’re a man who’s confident with his sexuality and can handle a woman in bed when the time calls for it. So you can feel free to be ‘Nice’ – as long as you show you’ve got that spice – because that’s what keeps us excited and attracted to you!


3. Emotional Support – Being a girl’s “ROCK.” You get what you give in a relationship, and women really want a man to be there for her when she is down, when she needs emotional support or some cheering up, someone to help lift her up and boost her strength when she is feeling down, support her in her career, her goals and her dreams and be equally excited about them as she is. If your world revolves all around you and everything in your girl’s life is 2nd or bottom priority, then it’s going to get old for her pretty fast and she’ll start craving that support from someone else.