Media and establishment politicos are reeling this morning. They’re in shock and awe because a young Jewish woman with courage soundly defeated their establishment candidates and will now face off with a socialist Democrat in the general election. The stupid media is surprised because they always think their narrative, whether true or not, will defeat anyone  who dares stand up against political correctness and anti-American politics. The liars call the winner a far-right activist because they are invested in that narrative. Ms. Laura Loomer is anything but far right. Yes, she is the activist that has confronted anti-American politicians like Islamist Ilhan Omar D-MN and many others, including the Congress and its establishment Republicans that she hopes to join.

Loomer was congratulated by President Trump, who lives in Florida’s District 21, and I’m sure the establishment Republicans will howl just as they did when he congratulated Marjorie Taylor Greene, the conservative woman who won her primary in Georgia last week.

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If you really want to know what Loomer is running on click on this picture to see here stance on four key issues like free speech, making America safe again, Big Tech abuses, and the Second Amendment:

CHeck out Loomer’s stance on the issues at her website.






















Roger Stone, a big Loomer supporter, also lives in District 21!

Roger Stone Congratulates Laura Loomer on her primary victory



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This piece was written by Col. Rob Maness on August 19, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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