China is a communist nation. Therefore, everything described in the first three parts of this series on the nature of communism applies. When Soviet Russia ceased to exist, the “dictatorship of the proletariat” moved from Moscow to Beijing. Xi Jinping no doubt sees himself as the successor to Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the rest of the line of communist kingpins.

As a computer architect for Jabil Circuit, I viewed my Chinese coworkers as peers. Of course, there were cultural differences, but they seemed like decent people. It took me a year of working for the company to realize that China being a communist nation really did make a difference. It was a one-way relationship. We were building up China and devastating our own country in the process.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the free world looked at Red China as a third world country and not as a threat. Business around the world began to export jobs to China for cheap labor. Over time, those same businesses began to view China as a new market with over a billion customers. China having “most favoured nation” status has been quite detrimental to the United States:

  1. Job losses have gutted the US middle class.
  2. Wealth moved from the US to China.
  3. Factory and business closures have left middle America looking like a ghost town.
  4. Free exchange of information has created national security risks.
  5. Free exchange of information has created incredible risk to the businesses themselves.
    • With no respect for personal (intellectual) property, all products are immediately copied by Chinese clones.
    • Physical assets can be seized by the Communists.

During all this time, how has the United States benefited? Prices may (or may not) be cheaper than they would otherwise be; however, the quality of the products is definitely worse than they were when products were made in the US. Personal wealth for many US citizens has declined. Overall, the American public has taken it on the chin. As for American companies, they have really sacrificed a large share of their ownership to a communist nation in pursuit of perceived cheap labor and a mythical market that they are actually creating by wealth transfer.

China may well have been exercising what Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui labeled as “financial warfare” in Unrestricted Warfare. This would imply that, like Islamic terrorists, they have been at war with us, but we have not been at war with them. The Chinese government’s view of the communist dialectic is that the synthesis of the United States dominance will be followed by the antithesis of Communist Chinese dominance. Their belief is that the twenty-first century will be a “Chinese century.” The communist trinity predicts this too will give way to a new synthesis, until worldwide Communism is achieved.

There is a wealth of information in books written during the 1940s and 1950s by former US communists on Russian infiltration. There is a distinctive lack of such information on Chinese infiltration. The Russians mostly focused their efforts on infiltrating the US government. According to Louis Budenz, the Communists planned to penetrate “the Democratic party and areas of the Republican party.”[1] Their efforts to affect society met with stiff resistance by Parent Teacher Associations and media op-eds and letters-to-the-editor. On the other hand, it is apparent that the Chinese have been far more successful infiltrating our non-government institutions – especially the schools and media outlets. The shift is similar to the way that the Chinese were much more effective interrogating prisoners with their “lenient policy” during the Korean War. They are a very subtle and dangerous adversary.

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In March 2020, Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to all 74 colleges with Confucius Institutes warning that the institutes were fronts for communist Chinese propaganda and non-traditional espionage.[2] These institutions have been in the United States since 2004. China’s influence on major media outlets like the New York Times and CNN are difficult to quantify, but it is clear that the heads of these organizations have financial ties with China – and their messages reflect it.

It has been a severe mistake to not view Communist China as an enemy.

[1] Budenz, L. F. (1954). The techniques of communism. Chicago, IL: Henry Regnery Company. pg. 322.

[2] “Grassley to Schools: Confucius Institutes Are Fronts for Chinese Propaganda; Just Ask FBI.” Chuck Grassley, March 12, 2020.

This article was originally authored published by Dennis Haugh and is reprinted by permission.
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This piece was written by Dennis Haugh and Col. Rob Maness on August 25, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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