It’s no secret that large, leftist cities, when it comes to issuing permits to hold a public demonstration, discriminate against Christian and conservative groups. In Seattle, it’s been going on for years. I remember writing an article years ago, advising conservative groups to sue the city to reclaim the fees they’ve paid for permits to conduct public political gatherings and demonstrations. Why? Because the city never enforces the fees or permits for the hundreds of leftist demonstrations that have been (and continue to be) held despite no permit and no fees, reinforcing that tolerating lawlessness as the standard Seattle government policy.

Last Friday I saw a blurb that Mayor Jenny Durkan had temporarily closed Seattle’s popular Gas Works Park on the shores of Lake Union. I thought it odd that one city park was specifically targeted on such short notice for a Labor Day closure. The ostensible reason given was, of course, The COVID! It’s also no secret that blue state and city leaders have used the Chinese Communist Party virus to quash religious expression. So, this next bit won’t surprise you.

I read a friend’s Facebook post on Labor Day; it began to unravel the mystery. However, knowing the city’s biases, it was no mystery, just more confirmation of the city’s long-held double standard. The post read, “Gasworks Park was closed today. Earlier articles said it was due to possible COVID spread during a planned Christian rally. Now those articles have disappeared from my original local news sources. I warn you all that, according to politicians and the media, this virus can only spread through political beliefs.”

Another Facebook post on Tuesday, by KVI 570 AM radio host John Carlson, added to unraveling the mystery.

Carlson posted, “Bigotry, thy name is Seattle. Yesterday [Labor Day] a group called ‘Let us Worship’ planned to meet in Seattle Gasworks Park. The Parks Department responded by closing the park and posting a security detail to prevent people from entering.

“AT THE SAME TIME the Parks Department allowed a ‘Defund the Police’ rally to take place at Cal Anderson Park [formerly a part of the CHAZ/CHOP ‘autonomous zone,’] which KOMO News reported was also ‘closed.’

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“Translation: You want to worship? We’ll close the park. You want to protest? We’ll open the park. So far, no newspaper or TV station in Seattle has caught this double standard.” It’s likely, even if they did, they would not report it. Not a part of the narrative.

KOMO (an ABC affiliate) also reported, via MSN News, that ‘A throng of people gathered Monday evening at a site near Gas Works Park in Seattle for a Christian worship service despite concerns that participants could spread COVID-19 if proper precautions weren’t taken.”

Strange. When was the last time you heard a mainstream media source report something like, “A throng of people gathered…for a violent, Marxist, anarchist riot service despite concerns it could spread COVID-19”? More likely, rather than “throng” you’d be reading about the “mostly peaceful protesters” and nothing about The COVID.

I asked a question when the “shut down” in Washington State went past the initial 14-day state of emergency (back in March) to “flatten the curve.” Where is the asterisk or footnote in the First Amendment that allows any governor or mayor to “prohibit the free exercise” of religion? No, really. Where are these governors and mayors getting the authority to keep churches —or to keep anything that is normally open— closed or severely restricted?

In Washington, there is something else that is closed and severely restricted: the mind and intelligence of Governor Jay Inslee. The governor has been issuing arbitrary edicts based on what he calls “data and science” but comes across as pure arbitrary gibberish. Magically, he’s morphed the criteria from reducing The COVID “deaths” (and hospitalizations) to reducing The COVID “cases.” Do more testing, get more cases…duh!

We should also remember the massive temporary hospital the U.S. Army built in Seattle’s Qwest Field (home of the Seahawks and Sounders). The Army dismantled it before it saw a single patient. Why? Because Washingtonians “flattened the curve.” Hospitals were not overrun. But that didn’t matter to the governor. He needs The COVID to win reelection in November (and for Biden to win the White House). In fact, without The COVID, he would have no excuse not to debate his challenger, Republic Police Chief Loren Culp—something the governor is apparently scared to death to do.

Again, Inslee (and Biden and Durkan) need The COVID. According to KTTH 770 radio host Jason Rantz, a source said, “Inslee won’t participate because Culp won’t wear a mask during the debate and Inslee will refuse to remove his. If this is Inslee’s position, as the source states, the insistence that both participants wear a mask during the debate isn’t just odd. It breaks with what Inslee himself practices.” At press conferences in the past, the governor “has worn a mask when not speaking and removed it when he does.” And that was while sharing a microphone with others. He and Culp would not share a mic during a debate and would be socially distant.

Yet, nearly six months later, Inslee keeps Washingtonians locked down to one degree or another, including sacrificing our children’s in-person education because it’s more important to get Democrats, including himself, elected in November. Democrats need to slow any economic recovery until after the election. This despite the fact, according to Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, “There is virtually zero risk to children for any serious complication…”

Dr. Atlas, a Covid Health Adviser to President Trump, also served as “professor and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford Medical Center…” His current focus is investigating “the impact of government and the private sector on access, quality, and pricing in health care, global trends in health care innovation, and key economic issues related to the future of technology-based medical advances.” I’d say that’s a very relevant focus in today’s world.

Just to show Inslee’s thought process (stop laughing) and the arbitrary nature of his decisions, one of his edicts orders bars to serve “significant appetizer.” Yes, didn’t you know the data and science show large appetizers annihilate The COVID—well, if it’s before 10? The other order is, bars must close by 10 p.m. Again, the science apparently shows The COVID swarms after 10 o’clock. Come on…everyone knows that. That’s some good science and data, right there.

This reminds me of one Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Doctor McCoy are captured and had to distract a group of 1930s-era gangsters who were playing poker. Kirk made up a game and called it Fizbin. It was a card game very loosely —very— based on poker.

Kirk, explaining the rules to the mob boss, reminds me of Inslee and other petty tyrant Democrat governors and mayors explaining the rules of their COVID restrictions to their citizens. Similar to Captain Kirk, the Democrats are keeping their states and cities needlessly closed by making up COVID rules as they go.

For recent examples of the Democrats playing Fizbin with COVID, consider House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s jaunt to a “shut down” San Francisco hair salon, which is supposed to be shuttered (incredulously, Pelosi claims she was set up by the owner, who had no idea the House speaker had an appointment—because her business has been closed by San Francisco and the state).

And, to add insult to insult, the people learned that San Francisco also kept its city-owned gyms open while it kept private gyms shut down. Isn’t it well past time for the Democrats in Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, California, and other Democrat states and cities, to stop playing Fizbin with the American people and release their states and cities from the bondage they’ve so arbitrarily imposed?

This piece was written by Steve Pomper on September 9, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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