An outspoken huntress is speaking out this week to reveal that she receives death threats as she also defended the sport that she loves.

Petra Krchavá is a 31 year-old woman from Vinica, Slovakia who has hunted for 13 years, and her family has taken part in the sport for generations. She sees hunting as a lifestyle, and she often shares her adventures in the sport with her nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram.

While Krchavá has many supporters, she said that there are also tons of trolls who are so anti-hunting that they actively wish harm upon her.

“People have wished me the same death as the animals I’ve harvested. People think we kill animals for fun, which is not the case at all,” she told Daily Mail on Tuesday. “I’ve been told ‘I hope you die like that animal,’ and ‘I wish you’d shoot each other.'”

Krchavá, however, believes that hunting actually preserves and protects animal populations all around the world.

“They don’t see that I feed the animals to make sure they survive the winter,” the huntress said. “I distribute drinking water in summer and build feeding facilities… We dig lakes, give them medicine, save young and other injured animals, and organize waste collection outings.”

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“We teach children in schools and run educational summer camps. I’ve spent thousands of my own euros contributing to these efforts,” Krchavá added.

These days, she enjoys devoting her time to promoting conservation by educating young people about hunting.

“Being alone in nature with just my thoughts always seems to make my day better. Hunting has also brought me strength, courage, and some incredible friendships,” Krchavá explained. “It’s important that we preserve nature for future generations. I hope I can teach my own child this one day.”

When there was a meat shortage in her community due to COVID-19, she was proud to be self-sufficient by relying on wild meat.

‘When we process the game meat, it’s something shared by family, friends, and our village. It’s the healthiest meat a person can eat,” Krchavá said. “There are no toxic products used. I know exactly what happened to that animal.”

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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