Not sure if these “Karen” episodes are rampant because of excess COVID incarceration and what happens when loons are unloosed, or if Karen-detecting technology has honed in on the cretinous behavior no matter the causation. Who cares, really. They’re laden with gut-splitting hilarity, otherwise it wouldn’t be considered Karen-ish. Some of them —like the one you are about to view— seems so over-the-top with hysteria that it comes off as a prank.

With this particular Karen choreography (you’ll see), almost wish it were a vaudevillian skit…but me thinks it is real.

Rife with the usual raucous tones, some small-time foot pursuit around cars, alternate ego which may be a four-year-old, lotsa middle-finger gymnastics, a meaty moon, racial slurring, and of course a few F-bombs, this Karen seems to believe she is totally in the right…and it all stems from one motorist failing to use a car turn-signal. Jeez, good thing there was no actual collision.

Watch this POV from (apparently) an Asian woman whose camera footage probably didn’t make her day…but it did make it to the batch of Karens in the Wild. Warning—foul language and racist behavior ahead:

Wonder if she followed through with her threat to call the police. Poor Asian woman. Poor police.

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This piece was written by Stephen Owsinski on September 7, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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