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  • Attraction

    PHASE I: All the elements involved in developing you into your most Confident, Attractive Self to attract the most high-quality women.

  • Approaching & Dating

    Overcome Approach Anxiety & Social Anxiety, master your Approaching and Conversational Skills, & be actively dating beautiful, high-quality women

  • Relationship

    Master your Attracting and Seduction skills, be able to successfully attract the women you want and progress it into the relationship that you want (either just sexual, or committed, long-term relationship)


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About DeAnna Lorraine, Dating, Relationship Coach & Matchmaker

DeAnna Lorraine


Ms. DeAnna Lorraine is an internationally-acclaimed Dating & Relationship Coach...


Coaching Services Rates

  • 1 Month Dating
    Jump-Start Plan
    $1297 Per Month
    The Mock Date (over Skype)
    + Full Diagnostic report
    Online Dating Profile FULL Makeover
    Style, Image & Wardrobe consulting session
    Dream Partner Profile Creation and Dating Strategy Plan
    2 additional private 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
    Takes place over 5 weeks
    (5 weeks of continued support)
  • Monthly Coaching
    $800+ Per Month
    Via Skype or In-Person
    3-7 Hours per Month
    Personalized Coaching to reach
    your specific goals
    Choose either the BASIC Plan or the
    Accelerated Plan
    BASIC Plan: $800/Month
    ACCELERATED Plan: $1497/Month
  • Weekend Bootcamps
    $1997 Per Month
    Intensive weekend of training
    Approaching Skills
    Communication Skills
    Flirting Skills
    Attraction Skills
    Small, Intimate group
    Only 6 guys max
    Check for upcoming dates &
  • Matchmaking
    $15,000+ Per Month
    Exclusive Matchmaking
    Highly Personalized
    Global Search
    Includes Coaching
    Style, Image & Wardrobe Makeover
    High-Caliber Matches
    1-Year Search
    Monthly Payments
  • Virtual Mastermind
    $29.97 Per Month
    Authentic Attraction Mastermind
    Club Virtual Coaching
    Group environment
    Live Webcast Coaching
    Exclusive Facebook Group
    For Men only
    Exclusive Content & Guides
    Click link below for full details
  • Private Bootcamp
    $4197 Per Month
    1-on-1 Intensive, Private training
    Friday - Monday
    Approaching Skills
    Communication Skills
    Attraction Skills, Flirting Skills
    Interpersonal Skills
    Style, Image & Wardrobe Makeover
    Style Shopping Trip
    Mock Date Included
    6 weeks of Continued Support after
    weekend complete Transformation!
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What Happy Clients are saying...

"DeAnna, just wanted to let you know I picked-up several very attractive women while on vacation last week. Tashalani and Amy are HUGE wins for me, as they are two of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen or met. Both of whom, beauty-wise, can hold their own against any supermodel on the planet. And Wednesday night I had amazing sex with Amy. This would NEVER have happened 3 months ago before I started your coaching program, not even in my wildest dreams. I don’t know how you do it DeAnna but you are a serious magic maker!"
- Leon W, 36; Software Engineer

"Andrea and I are doing very well! Five months just hit yesterday, and we are going strong. I don't want to jinx anything, but we continue to be very fortunate and I sincerely know that after so many years of dating “wrong,” I’ve definitely found the special woman in my life because of the Authentic Attraction system. Thank you!"
- Denver P, 32; Sales Manager

" DeAnna, I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for the change in my romantic life, brought on under your tutelage. I am not the same person I was a year ago, before I met you. You have transformed a shy, insecure man into a confident, sexy Casanova. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
- Barry R, 41; Data Analyst

"Before doing the Authentic Attraction program, I had anxiety just going out with friends to a bar/club. Now, I'm consistently venturing out to bars/clubs ALONE....SOLO!! Another breakthrough is that, in some of my interactions, I had to do more listening than talking....that's the way it should be! I'm not big on small talk if I have to do all the talking, but I am an excellent listener. Now, I'm just conversing and listening way more attractively than before, and I stay the hell away from the friend zone. I asked out 2 gorgeous women last night at the bar, Amanda and Giselle, two women I would never have had the cajones or skills to ask out, let alone even talk to, just a few months ago. I was flirty, smooth, confident, and people at the bar actually told me I had a “magnetic” presence. We went back and forth flirting so hard, that I think my friends became uncomfortable. But I loved it....LOVED IT!!! Got a date set up with Giselle for Sunday night and Amanda next week. All in all, I feel like I am "Da Man"!"
- Kevin Miller, 39; CPA


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