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Seduce women

The Secret to Seducing Beautiful Women – Don’t make this Mistake!

Guys, do you ever feel like things were going good with a girl... You thought you were doing a decent job of flirting and moving into the "seduction" phase - only to get her to bow out right before having sex with her and you were left scratching … [Read More...]

christian grey

How to Seduce Women like 50 Shades of Grey! New Video

Hey Guys! So who's seen the 50 Shades movie yet? Any thoughts? This one's for you guys, check out my latest video blog, How to Seduce Women like Christian Grey (via 50 Shades of Grey)! You may think this is just another "chick flick" and have no … [Read More...]

Deanna Lorraine

Double your Dating Success ASAP! Do a Mock Date with me:)

Hey Guys! Happy ┬áValentines day/month. For those of you that had a great date or special woman for V-Day, awesome! Congrats to you and I hope your date or blossoming relationship was a success. And for those of you who wasn't lucky enough to get a … [Read More...]

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