Digital Seduction: Online Dating & Texting Mastery program

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Are you wasting HOURS beyond hours of your time on Online dating sites, Tinder and Bumble every week… Only to get hardly ANY responses and dates that come out of it?

You take the time to set up (what you THINK) is a great profile, or maybe you’ve even hired someone to write the profile for you, take professional photos, and you spend endless time crafting personalized emails to each girl you like online… Only to get IGNORED time and time again.
Here’s a secret: It can.
Or maybe you’re newly divorced or just getting back onto the dating scene, you’re trying online dating for the first time, and you’re sitting in a world of confusion trying to figure out what the hell to write about yourself, how to go about talking to these women and getting them offline, and you need someone to hold your hand through every step of the process from creating the profile to knowing what pictures to use, and exactly what to say in your messages?
And the few women you manage to get a response to and start some conversation with, after much effort on your part, seem to just stay “stuck” in the “virtual realm” forever, or they suddenly go MIA and stop responding – so all that effort and time on your part never ends up materializing with meeting these girls in person?
Or maybe you do manage to get a date with a girl you like… You think the date went pretty great, but then she just stop responding and it fizzles out, and it seems like she makes up one excuse after another (I’m so busy this week with work,” “Something came up, I have to reschedule…” )
It almost seems like it’s rigged against you and you wonder what kind of hack the small percentage of guys know, other than them being super good looking, to get them dates?
I mean how freaking hard can it be?! You’re a nice guy, you would consider yourself a “Great catch,” for the most part, you are genuine, funny, honest, maybe even have a confident and great personality – but what the heck does it take damnit?!