Hello sexy Studs and Happy Holidays! I am getting all geared up to have an incredible year of 2014 in store for you!

Wanna know some of the exciting things happening over here? Well for those guys who are really wanting to make this next year THE year that you know longer struggle with dating and attracting women, the year that you fully become the amazing, powerful, & sexiest MAN that you know you’re capable of being, that this is the year that you finally date and attract the women that you really want with confidence and ease and you have the exceptional relationships that you’ve been wanting – then this is YOUR year baby, and my weekend attraction Bootcamps were made specifically for you in mind.

If you’re willing to get off your butt for 1 weekend of your life rather than sit there and complain about your love life not working, then I want to coach you in my weekend Bootcamp! This is for guys who are ready to roll up their sleeves & really develop themselves into their most amazing & attractive selves. While simultaneously mastering your approaching, attraction and seduction skills throughout the weekend. It’s an incredible, game-changing weekend and we will basically be BFFs by the end of it because I’ll be spending so much personal time with you, so I only want to share these amazing weekends with those guys who really are committed to growing.

With that being said, below is the most up-to-date Schedule of all my upcoming weekend Bootcamps, dates & locations for 2014! Registration is now open for the San Diego January 30th Bootcamp, The special Aspergers & Social Anxiety Bootcamp, and the Miami March Bootcamp; and this is the LAST CALL for the Jan. 2nd Bootcamp in fabulous DUBAI for those of you who are last-minute procrastinators!

My Wing-girl and I are leaving for Dubai next week on the 26th, and we are very excited to kick off the New Year with those of you are attending the Dubai Bootcamp! It’s going to be very, very special. So see the dates & cities below, & if you’re interested then choose one of the following options listed in the registration page for your city in order to CONFIRM or tentatively HOLD a spot for you (since it’s very limited spots, I strongly recommend at least paying the deposit OR sending me an email to set up a 30-minute Meet & Greet Skype call with me to have me discuss it more with you & answer any questions you have about it to help you decide – Either of these options will at least tentatively HOLD a spot for you, for now).

But make sure you get any requests & emails into me before we leave for Dubai on December 26th so I can speak with you before then or put you on my schedule! A very Happy Holidays to you, and I wish you so much love, happiness and success. Thank you for being a part of my amazing community. 🙂 Love, Your Partner… DeAnna xoxo


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