“The War on Men & Masculinity”

Those of you who have been following me know that I’ve been Coaching boys and men for nearly the last decade – And I’ve personally witnessed a DRASTIC decline in the lives, the motivation and morale of men from all walks of life. I began speaking out about what’s happening with boys and men on my YouTube channel and Social Media, and have gotten severely attacked from women and Feminists. Over the last 2 years, I’ve had thousands of interviews with males of all ages, and my book (Making Love Great Again!) has dozens of excerpts of these personal experiences strewn throughout it- along with tons of undeniable facts – to back up my claims: (Read rest of blog post below video)

  • That rather than being a “Girl Crisis,” there is a very REAL “Boy Crisis” in America – a real War on Men & Masculinity that has been going on behind the scenes since the 1960s.
  • Boys are the ones (severely) falling behind, and are “checking out” – of relationships with women, of families, and of society by huge proportions

The rise of School shootings, violence and sexual violence are merely the symptoms of a much greater problem – the epidemic of fatherlessness and The War on Masculinity. 

The solution is NOT “more gun control” or sending males to more “anti-violence courses” and “Reconstructing Toxic Masculinity” education – The solution is, we need to wake up and take better care of our men! Before its too late.

One of the biggest problems I witness day-to-day with my male clients is that they are are lacking in masculinity and strength; they don’t know what it means to “be a man” anymore – They are being raised to be BETA Males, wussies, and weak, feminized “boys!” –  which results in them not knowing how to interact with women or attract them, how to have successful relationships, and they lack ambition & life purpose. And sadly, they are often hooked on porn and video games. Many of them also feel deep anger toward women.

Men & Boys feel they cannot stop this attack and castration because they are peer-pressured so much – by their schools, teachers, female peers, media, etc – to shut up and go along with the feminist/”Girls are oppressed” agenda – or else they get attacked, ridiculed, and socially ostracized (I have many examples of this in my book)

Some other facts that help paint this picture

  • At least 84% of all teachers are females. 1 out of every 3 children are raised without fathers. And 90% of single-parent homes are raised by females. So right out the gate, boys are seriously lacking in male role models and fathers.
  • It’s been proven that fathers provide boys structure, discipline, healthy masculinity, and life purpose – among other necessary skills. Boys who grow up without a father are more likely to commit crimes, rape, have mental and behavioral problems, have confused gender identity (most transgenders come from fatherless homes) and many other problems (Many more facts on this in my book)
  • Our culture, and specifically The Left and Feminists, has been raising women up and empowering women – while demonizing men, discouraging fatherhood and undermining masculinity. All the rhetoric for years has been “Women are the future” and “let’s take down the evil patriarchy,” and schools from Kindergarten through after college have been structured to empower & support women and their learning styles – while disempowering boys.
  • Men are being virtually “castrated” of their natural masculine instincts & qualities, such as leadership, confidence, protectiveness, ambition – these qualities are being slandered as “toxic” by promoting the concept of “Toxic Masculinity.”
  • The media is a insidious accomplice – With all the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the message is clear: “Women are are the future,” women are inherently good and oppressed, and need to be empowered and Males are bad, toxic, and need to put their penises away and “check their privilege.”

But this is not social justice, this has become misandry and lunacy, plain and simple! (Yet, this is all part of the Marxist plan to destroy Marriage, Family and Masculinity. Destroying those pillars leads to weaker nations)


  • We used to have a culture that encouraged healthy masculinity and appreciated men. Now, with the constant messaging is “Women don’t need men, society doesn’t need men, men are toxic and are responsible for all the injustices in the world, along with a huge percentage of boys now growing up without a father figure, its not a surprise that men are drifting through life now lost and without a purpose. They don’t feel needed or even wanted anymore by both women and society (especially white men).
  • All of these factors create a Perfect Storm – Boys and men checking out of society, no longer interested in relationships with women, or being a father, and they’re channeling their frustration and anger in destructive ways like violence, shooting, or “escaping” in the fantasy world of porn and video games – even Sex Robots.
  • Women are not understanding the severity of the War on Masculinity – they keep buying into the Feminist lie that “women don’t need men” and “men represent the evil patriarchy.” But this is DANGEROUS – because based on our Evolutionary Psychology of Mate Selection, deep down in a woman’s core, women want to be with men who are STRONG, aggressive, and masculine! Women do not desire weak, “girly” men. Women do not realize that they will be the ones most hurt by this when they see the consequences of this in 3 years: Less and less “real, masculine men,” more Beta males, and more men “boycotting” women & marriage in record numbers = women have a very difficult time finding men to marry and have children with (women hate me for saying this, but its the truth!)
  • A very large group of Men have already begun relinquishing their masculine roles and literally swearing off women and marriage forever! There is a global network and movement called MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way, that has been picking up growing by the day. Women need to wake up!

SOME SOLUTIONS to help this Male Crisis

  • We need to get back to our roots and realize that men and women NEED each other! Man and Woman were designed to have a synergistic & complimentary relationship. (See Chapters 10 and 12 in my book)
  • We cannot have a thriving society without men, or with men who are castrated and demoralized. Men, women and society benefit from men reaching their full potential. Our society needs healthy men and masculinity in order to have strong families, relationships and communities, and the traditional nuclear family unit is the bedrock of society.
  • We need to encourage healthy masculinity, fatherhood and male role models – not obliterate them
  • We need to stop shaming and castrating men, and start appreciating men!
  • Before we can “Make Love Great Again,” we need to wake up and tend to these deeper issues and work together. Women need to drop this whole “Sisterhood versus Men” BS and JOIN hands with men, help them succeed, and love them. Women need to be men’s “Safe Space” again – right now, they have become a War-zone for men.

If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up my book, Making Love Great Again! The New Road to Reviving Romance and Winning at Relationships” – This goes in depth about the War on Masculinity & Men, the forces that have led to this current “Romance Apocalypse” – and what we can do to have both men and women WINNING at relationships and love, on both a personal and global level. Grab your Paperback AND Kindle version today, and see what everyone’s talking about! SEE some excerpts of my book below, about the War on Men & Masculinity